Which are the best printing methods for hoodies?

Nowadays many t-shirt printing methods are available in the market. Other than the hoodie the below-mentioned printing methods are also used for making printed t-shirts, printed tops, sweatshirts, etc. 

However to select the best one you need to understand the process of printing and is it suitable according to your requirements. 

Heat Transfer Method

Heat transfer is one of the frequently used printing methods for a hoodie. With the heat transfer printing method, the design prints can be customized easily. 

However, it is noted sometimes that heat transfer is less effective as compared to screen printing. 

Screen Printing 

Screen Printing is a well-known method in the printing industry. The prints produced through screen printing are enduring. But sometimes it is boring to set up and is also limited when it comes to size and color options. This method is vibrant, durable, and probably everyone’s favorite. Additionally, you can use this method on any type of fabric which makes it the favorite of many.

DTG (Direct to Garment) Method

The Direct to Garment process involves fewer steps and is very quick to set up. The limitation of the DTG printing method is that it is hard to print on dark objects. The quality of the print is not as good as screen printing. DTG or Direct to Garment is suitable in a small run of printing hoodies.

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