Screen Printing or Digital Printing – What Should I Select?

Screen printing and digital printing are popular printing methods in the printing industry. To select any one of them, you need to understand how the process works and what your requirements are. Read this article till last to select the best printing method for you. 

Screen Printing                                                           

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing methods used by Egyptians. Though it is an ancient printing method, with the evolution of technology, it is the commonly used printing nowadays. It involves the use of stencils called screens. An individual screen is used to apply each separate layer of colored ink to achieve the final designs. 

Digital Printing 

Digital printing came into existence with the advancement of technology. In digital printing, the artwork is processed with the help of a computer. The computer then converts the format that prints directly onto the surface of your substrate. Due to its ease of printing, digital printing has become a popular choice for advertising and personalized products. 

Points to Consider

Working with Colors                      

During the screen printing process, the applied ink is thicker. Dark-colored t-shirts must be printed with screen printing so the color can appear properly. Or else, the contrast won’t be high as compared to the background and design itself. 

During the digital printing process, the applied ink is thin. So the light-colored t-shirts can be printed with digital printing. 

Screen printing also lets you use a variety of colors. But also keep in mind that every added color will affect the price of your project. 

Is your order in Bulk?                    

Screen printing is a more rigorous process than digital printing and generally lasts longer. Because of this, you need to hit the minimum quantity required depending on the product. 

Since digital printing runs on a computer, you can roll out low quantities due to its faster process. But fast doesn’t mean it should be at the cost of the durability of the product. 

Is your design detailed enough?

Have a look at your design. If you need a higher level of detailing or designing print, then digital printing will offer you the best outcome.                                             

Screen printing uses a thick layer of ink, whereas digital printing uses a thin layer of ink. This way, you will get the best-detailed print with digital printing. The print with screen printing may last long, but the layers will be too thick to get a crispy image. 

Can you print on other objects?                       

Apart from the clothing, there are other promotional items like mugs, towels, chairs, blankets, and so on. If you want to do printing on the mug, you can print manually or take the help of screen printing service providers. Since screen printing is a manual process, the printer can let you print on uneven surfaces. Doing so in digital printing is impossible sometimes.  


The best way to select the printing method is by defining your requirements. If you need to print in bulk and quickly, then digital printing is your way to go. If you want to work with various colors, then screen printing is the method you should opt for. If you are facing any difficulties related to the printing method, feel free to contact us.

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