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Video Tips

Hot Folder is an add-on application that makes the work easier for you by downloading the orders you require directly to your system. This video provides a detailed explanation of HotFolder Addon.

Color Detection feature helps your customers with detecting the colors on the uploaded image or clipart and customizing those colors as per their requirement. The video showcases you to change the background with color detection.

Product Detail Page consists of all the details regarding Product such as its Variants (if any), Images, Thumbnail and all such. You will get a glimpse on the product detail page through this video.

Tier Pricing is a pricing strategy that presents customers with several product options with corresponding pricing levels. This video provides you with a detailed explanation on the way to add tier pricing by applying discounts.

There are various templates that are offered to you by PrintXpand Designer Tool. Template provides you a ready-made view on how a page can look like. This video showcases the way to create a new template.

The 3D preview offers your clients a comprehensive 360° perspective of the products. There are various configurations that are needed to be made for 3D products. This video provides you a brief overview on all those configurations.

The 3D preview offers your clients a comprehensive 360° perspective of the products. 3D preview gives your customers a 360° view of the products. The product displayed in the 2D preview can be viewed in the 3D preview mode. Let’s explore through this video the way to do it.

Canvas resize feature lets your user set the size of the postcard or cover letter from the product designer tool. In this video, you will get to know about the way you can set the canvas resize on the product.

There are various features offered by the PrintXpand tool that will help you in making your website much more exciting and intuitive. This video provides you a brief overview of the way to design the website from the backend.

Adding products to your backend helps you set the necessary configurations. You will be able to create a design area on the product which will provide your customers with a space to customize. Watch this video to know how to add products to the backend with product design.