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Which Printing Methods I can Use for Printing Visiting Cards?

Varnish/Spot UV Printed Cards

This printing method is quite common since many people prefer their business cards to have a gloss finish, so it doesn’t look rough. The varnish creates a matte look over the coat to improve its durability and protect it from damage.


The embossing revolves around the process of heat being pressed into the business card without using any ink or foil to create a dense texture. The debossing is the reverse process. It presses the paper instead of making it bulge out to produce a 3-d effect. 

Die and Laser Cutting

Die-cutting refers to the cutting of the materials into different shapes to create a unique card. Laser cutting on the other hand cuts the material using a laser. 

Die-cutting was a popular method to print business cards for years. However, nowadays brands are looking for a modern way to create cards. 

Foil Printing

The shiny texture is very popular nowadays. One can achieve this texture by using a foil printing technique. Such texture can be attained by using a heated die-to-press colored foil onto the card when it comes to the elegant and impressive effect.

Matte/Shine -Glossy Laminated Design

With matte lamination, one can create an excellent protective layer of a business card. It gives a classic, subtle, and elegant look to the card. However to create a soft and silky card with the water-resistant shield, shine, and gloss lamination is the way to go.

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