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Here are Some of the Common Printing Methods for the Sticker

Stickers are basically utilized for naming the items and for other use. Due to this, there are many people who offer the sticker printing services. There are various types of stickers printed using a number of different types of equipment to create a high-quality sticker. With time and evolving technology, there are many forms of sticker printing methods used these days. Here are some of the common printing methods.

Printing Methods for Printing Stickers

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a type of manual printing process mainly done with hands. By using the synthetic screens, the images are then transferred on the sticker paper. This is one of the oldest and simplest methods used for screen printing. The stencil is settled on the paper and then the ink is spread of the desired color through a screen. Now the process is repeated for each color that is to be used.

Digital Printing

Digital printing relates to the process of printing stickers through digital printers. With digital printing, the sticker can be rolled out quickly without too many issues. Another benefit is that one can make changes in the design easily which makes it suitable for small businesses or people printing at home.

Offset Printing

In the offset printing process, the rubber cylinders or plates are put to use to transfer the image to the sticker paper. Offset printing helps you to print the sticker with a lot of colors without affecting the quality.


If you want to print a large number of stickers in a short time then flexography is your way to go. In this method, the plate consisting of master print is rolled over the sticker paper to carve the design on the paper. As it is the quick method to print stickers, it is one of the popular methods as well.


Above are some of the printing methods you can use for sticker printing. To select the method, you need to know your requirements and the available resources. Whether you want stickers in bulk or in small quantity? Whether you have the required equipment or not? Are you experienced enough with the printing process? And most importantly how much it will cost you?

Answering these questions will help you in selecting the process to roll out the stickers. If you have any query, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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