What are the types of heat transfer printing?

Heat transfer also is known as thermal printing is a method of transferring a desired pattern or design via heat onto a substrate. There are two approaches to switch the pattern-with press or inkjet printers. Substrates like paper, plastic, and cloth are suitable for heat transfer printing.

To successfully transfer the designs to the garment combination of time, temperature, and pressure plays an important role.

Types of Heat Transfer Printing 

Sublimation Printing 

In sublimation printing sublimation ink and sublimation paper are applied to switch the print. The sublimation printing transfers sublimation ink at the cloth via excessive temperature and pressure. Sublimation printing is suitable for quick dry t-shirt, coated mugs and coated plates, and jersey. 

Vinyl Printing 

In vinyl printing, the designs and letters are cut in pieces of colored vinyl using a machine. With the help of a heat press, each vinyl color of the design is transferable to the fabric. Films such as flock, glitter, glow in order, and hologram material are applicable to the vinyl transfer.

Transfer Printing 

Firstly, with the pigment ink, desired graphics are printed on heat transfer paper. On applying heat and pressure on the paper and material, the design can transfer from the paper to the material. Transfer printing is applicable to any fabric such as cap, cotton tee, and polyester tee.

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