What is the Difference Between Product Template and Design Template?

  • They are the ready-to-design templates specifically for products that require a typical format and fixed attributes.
  • Product templates are generally used for products like calendars, photobook, custom sized products etc.
  • Product templates lets you set the image for all the images of the calendar product with the front image and masking image.
  • Product templates cannot be divided into categories.
  • With the help of product templates, you can fix the size, orientation, dimensions etc. of the products. Your customers won’t be able to make changes in these attributes.
  • Design templates cannot be defined for products with product templates.

Design Templates

  • Design templates, on the other hand, are used for displaying the products with eye-catching designs in order to get you more customer attention. 
  • Therefore, PrintXpand provides a provision to import pre-loaded design templates on your product to get your customers started. 
  • This helps them conceptualize their designs and give them a clear idea to design their own products. 
  • You can assign design categories for the design templates. 
  • With the help of design templates, you can provide multiple design ideas to your customers. However, your customers will be able to make changes in these designs and also add/remove attributes from it.
  • Design templates for products with Product templates cannot be defined.
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