What is the Difference Between DPI(Dots Per Inch) and PPI(Pixels Per Inch)?

The term DPI and PPI are commonly used for the resolution of the image. However both might sound the same, but there is a difference between the two:

DPI – refers to the dots per inch within one inch of the image printed by the printer.

PPI – refers to the number of pixels within one inch of an image displayed. 

Commonly individuals gets confused between the two terms because of a few reasons. Even though PPI refers to the resolution of the on-screen image, it can also affect the final printed image. Secondly, professional print services appeal to the image at the DPI level before it can be printed. 

The term DPI dictates the print size of an image. PPI addresses the nature of the advanced picture shown on-screen. It additionally adds to the nature of a picture. If there are few pixels, then the image will not have every detail. The image will have a detailed outlook as the number of pixels increases.

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