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Image Size, File Size, and Image Quality – What is the Difference Between Them?

All these might sound the same but have a slight difference. Below is the explanation of each term.              

Image Size – This is the representation of the physical size and the resolution of the image sustained through pixels. Let’s take a 10 megapixel(MP) camera that may provide you to capture images in 10MP, 5.6MP, and 2.5MP. A higher image size means a bigger file size. A low image size means a smaller picture and a small file size. 

File Size –  This relates to the space of the image on the memory card of your phone or device. It is mainly measured in megabytes. The real file size depends on the image size and image quality configuration selected on the camera. 

Image Quality – It is the dictation of how much compression is typically used to record the file image information. Some digital cameras come with fine and standard settings to configure compression. The image captured with the fine settings is sharper than one taken with the standard settings, this also affects the file size.

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