What is the difference between dye-based and pigment ink? and which one you should choose?

Since the starting of inkjet printers, dye-based inks have been around us. Dye-based inks create a bright and vibrant color on the page. Text-fonts also look sharper with the dye-based inks. 
However, they are thinner and less durable, so they will face away quickly when exposed to too much sunlight. 
Little Bit about Pigment Ink
Pigment-based inks are made up of solid particles that come from pigment powder. As compared to the dye-based inks, the solid particles of pigment-based inks result in less dirt and a long-lasting presence. 
Such inks are perfect for documents specially for photos that will be kept as records for a considerable time. Plus, the smudge less natural of pigment-based inks results in the perfect print on the surfaces like glossy paper.   
Difference between Dye ink and pigment ink 
Fading of Print    
The dye-based inks are more vulnerable to fading as the molecules are smaller on the page. As the chemicals react with sunlight a lot faster and with accelerated damage. 
On the other hand, pigment inks are made up of larger molecules which makes the penetrating work harder for sunlight. 
Cost Difference 
For using the best pigment ink, you need to spend more as compared to the dye-based inks. This is due to the complex process of producing pigmented inks that takes more time which results in increased cost. 
The pigmented inks are highly admired for their ability to blend colors more mesmerizingly.  
Printing Quality    
There is no clear winner when comparing the dye and pigment ink quality. However, the quality mostly depends on what you are going to print with what colors. If your creation is more text-based then dye-based ink might be the right decision for you. This is because the black print is a lot sharper and dark than pigment ink.     
On the other hand, pigment ink is best for mixing the color. There is nothing that can match the blend of custom pigment ink. However, technology is filling the gap between both inks and printers which creates the highest standard of printing. 
Dye or Pigment Ink for Photo Printing   
Photographers mostly prefer to choose pigment ink due to the consistency that can be achieved. The blend and consistency make the stunning photo. Also, the pigment ink does not give up on fading from sunlight very easily. This results in looking newer for a longer time. 
What You Should Choose?
You should be well prepared to select the best ink for a great outcome. If you need to print photos or color oriented documents then pigment ink will offer you a more vibrant palette. On the other hand, if you want to print long-lasting text documents then dye-based inks are best suited. 
However, ink technology has improved significantly over the years and you will likely find a printer that uses both dye and pigment inks.   
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