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What is Meant by Artist-Based Marketplace?

The art market is the commercial center of purchasers and sellers exchanging items, administrations, and works of art. 

The art market works in a financial model that considers more than market interest: it is a mixture sort of prediction market where art is purchased and sold for values put together not just with respect to a work’s apparent cultural worth, but on the two its past money related worth as well as its anticipated future worth. The market has been portrayed as one where makers don’t make work principally available for sale, where purchasers regularly have no clue about the worth of what they purchase, and where mediators regularly guarantee repayment for deals of things they have never seen to purchasers they have never managed with. Moreover, the market isn’t straightforward; private deal information isn’t methodically available, and private deals address about a half portion of market transactions.

Zatista and  Etsy are some online marketplaces for selling and purchasing art.

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