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What is custom image upload? Getting started with custom Image uploading.

With PrintXpand admins can provide their customers with a wide range of designing features, ideas, effects, templates etc. PrintXpand also provides a provision to let the end customers upload a custom image from their local systems. By using PrintXpand’s Designer Tool, the end customers can upload their favorite and treasured images from their device to give the personalized touch in designing their product.

Back End Configuration

  • For custom image upload configurations, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Custom Image Upload. Under the Brush You Ideas setting section go to the “Custom image upload” sub-section.
  • Add custom image upload details as follows:

Show Instruction: Select ‘Yes’ to show instructions while uploading a custom image.

Instruction Text: Enter the instructions to be displayed while uploading the custom image.

Enable Image Limit: Select ‘Yes’ to set a limit for uploading a custom image. This avoids the overlapping of more images in the product design area.

Image Limit: Enter the limit for uploading maximum images.

Error Message: Enter the error message to be displayed if the number of images exceeds the limit of custom images.

Minimum Size of Image: Enter the minimum size of an image in MegaByte (MB).

Maximum Size of Image: Enter the maximum size of an image in MegaByte (MB).

User’s Confirmation Before Uploading Image: Select ‘Yes’ to ask for the customer’s confirmation.

Text for User Confirmation: Enter the relevant confirmation message which will be displayed above the Upload Image button.

How to Upload Images from Front-end:

After setting up and managing the ‘Custom Image Upload’ from the Back End Configuration, the customers can upload images for their product design. The customers can upload images by navigating to the “Upload” tab from the designer explorer on the left.

If you have enabled “User’s confirmation before uploading image” option from the back end, then the customers will have to check the confirmation checkbox and then only they can upload any image from the system’s folder.

The customers can also get the uploaded images by clicking on “Get Your saved Images”.

Note: Customers should be logged in to their accounts to get the previously uploaded images.

After uploading the images, they can perform various activities from the ‘Designer Tools’ tab and edit and design it as per their convenience. 

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