How to add the masking images for complex shapes

Our PrintXpand tool comes up with the Manage Shape feature, this feature lets you add custom shapes with masking images.

You can create masking images for the complex shapes effortlessly through some designing software like photoshop and illustrator.

Backend View

For adding shapes to your store go to Product Designer ➤ Manage Shapes.

Note: These shapes are for our demo store.

After clicking on the “Manage Shapes” button, you will navigate to the “Manage Shapes” page.

To add a shape, click on the “Add Shape” button and you will redirect to the “Add Shape” page.

Fill the following details.

Shape Name: Enter the name for your shape.

Main Image: Browse and upload the main image of your shape.

Masking Image: Browse and upload the masking image for the shape

Status: Select the status (Enable/Disable) for your shape. 

After filling all the details, click on the “Save Shape” button to save the shape.

Frontend View

After backend configurations, the customer can use the shape from the shapes tabs on the left side of the “Designer Tool”.

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