How to Manage Masking File and Masking Category

You can create, delete, and assign masking files and categories from Catalog ➤ Products. Select the product and hit the “Edit” button. Now scroll down to the  Images and Videos section and click the button in the blue box.

Be sure you have assigned sides and roles to your image before creating a  masking file.

After clicking on the button “Create Design Area” page will be opened.

You can add the masking category and masking file from Select Existing Masking.

Or You can create a  new masking category by just typing the name and hit the “Create Masking Category” button.

Likewise, you can create a new masking file by uploading a masking image from “Select Masing Image” and assign a masking category from the dropdown menu.

Remember that all the masking files must be in SVG format.

After successfully uploaded your masking file on the image, now click on the “Save Design Area” button.

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