What are the Multi-Color Printing Challenges?

No doubt the technology has contributed immensely to the printing industry and the activity which eats up your day or week now could be done in a few hours or days.

But there would be some challenges always that are to be faced for the smooth continuity of the process. Let’s discuss some of the challenges you can face while multi-color printing.


Efficiency ranks high in the list of multi-color challenges. The prolonged process including the errors tends to decrease the efficiency of printing.

This challenge is difficult to tackle down, the only solution is to keep a keen eye on every process to reduce the unwanted errors which result in increased efficiency.

More Ink is used

Due to the multiple colors involved in the printing process, different and more inks are required 

In multi-color printing.

More Printing Plates or Cartridges

As multi-color printing requires more ink,  so more printing plates or more cartridges are required to increase the color range. 

More Labourers

If the printing process is automated then the labour will be only one, who conducts printing. But in the manual printing process, it requires more labour to mount the plates or other sorts of things.


Different techniques have different architecture and setup. Multi-color printing is a long process with the involvement of many chunks like inks, plates or cartridges, printer, and other stuff.

To keep the printing process going on smoothly supervision becomes necessary to tackle the problems, which could be disastrous while printing.

Overall Cost

Multi-color printing is the long process and requires more stuff then single color printing like more ink, more cartridges or plates, more labourers and maintenance cost.

This tends to increase the overall cost of printing, which is less in single color printing.

Increase in Waste

Multi-color printing tends to mix colors and errors take place sometimes due to which the waste is created.

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