What are Rulers and Grid Lines? How Can I Configure the Ruler and Gridlines?

You can enable the Ruler & Gridline feature so that it can help your customers in designing the product. Here is how you can enable the Ruler & Gridline feature for your customers. 

Global Configurations 

Navigate to the Stores ➤ Configurations you can see the configurations related to the product designer tool. Now scroll down to the Ruler & Gridline section and do the following configurations.

 Unit of Ruler: Select the unit of Ruler for the Product Designer Tool. 

Ruler Size Gap: Enter the size gap for the ruler on the Product Designer Tool. 

Size of the Grid: Enter the box size as per the selected area. 

Unit of the Grid: Select the unit of the grid for the Product Designer Tool. 

After all the configurations, Save the settings. 

Login to Backend 

Navigate to the Product Designer ➤ Manage Layouts, you will get the list of the created layouts.

 Now open the layouts in the Edit mode and enable the Ruler & Gridline from the Others section.

 Product Designer Tool 

Once you have enabled the Ruler & Grid Line feature from the backend it will be enabled on the Product Designer Tool.

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