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The product that I added in the backend isn’t visible on my front end store view. What might be the problem? How do I solve it?

This problem is very common and even a slightest mistake can be the cause. Let’s see why this problem occurs. Before moving forward with the reasons and solutions kindly, make sure that you have added the product for customization correctly. To correctly add a product for customization please visit this article. Below mentioned are some of the reasons that might have caused this problem. 

  1. Sources and Suppliers: This problem can generally occur if the source is not assigned to your products. Make sure that you have assigned valid sources and suppliers to your product. Make sure that your product items are in stock.We would recommend you to add a default source to all your products to avoid this mistake. 
  2. Product Image: Product image is a mandatory to make your product visible on your front-end store. Make sure that you have added the picture of the product. 
  3. Visibility: Check if your product is enabled to be visible in the store or not. You can check it from the product list itself. Check if your product is visible in both catalog and your store.

If it is not, you can change it too. By going to the respective product information page and changing the visibility status under the visibility tab.

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