How to recognize color for Printing

Color is an important aspect while printing, color is the thing that catches the eye of a customer. But choosing the right color that looks good on a digital screen and while printing is crucial. Relying on the color conversion tool is not enough. It takes color matching and lots of testing. Here are a few tips to keep your color consistent across all digital and print materials.

Using Pantone Swatch Book

The color you see on your screen is completely different from what it prints in real life. You must avoid picking up colors from your monitor. Why? Because the monitor uses RGB profiles which are very vibrant. But the printing process uses CMYK profiles due to which the tone of the image drops.

You must use a Pantone swatch book which consists of hundreds of accurate print colors. These colors are based on the Pantone Matching System (PMS). By this method, you can make sure that the printed color turns out the same everywhere.

Also if you use the Color Bridge Pantone book it provides a side-by-side preview of CMYK. 

You need to keep an eye on color matching. Choosing a swatch from the Pantone book will give you an idea, but it is not always guaranteed. Always try and test your colors to make sure it is accurate before rolling out anything.

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