How Do I Activate Magento Product Designer?

To activate your Magento Product Designer, make sure you’ve successfully installed the extension. Go to STORES -> Configuration. If you can see the ‘Product Designer Settings’ under PrintXpand tab then the tool is successfully installed. If not, visit “How to install Product Designer Tool”. If your tool is successfully installed, activate your tool with the help of the following steps.

Extension Activation: 

Activating the installed extension is a must to start on with the product designer tool. 

Step1: Get an activation key

With the purchase of PrintXpand’s Product Designer tool you must have received a unique product activation key, which is important to integrate the tool to your website. 

FYI:  This activation key only serves the purpose of integrating our product with your website. It is unique and differs from customer to customer. Please make sure to safely save this key and not to share it with anybody else. 

You can find the activation key in two locations:

  1. In the Order Confirmation Mail that you must have received at the time of checkout.
  2. Login into your account at the website using the email and password that you provided at the checkout process. Go to Downloadable Options, here you will find your unique activation key.

Copy this activation key.

Step2: Activate your extensions

  • Log into the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Go to STORES -> Configurations -> PrintXpand -> Product Designer Settings.
  • Here, enter the activation key that you have copied in the ‘Activation Key’ field.
  • Click the ‘Save Config’ button.
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