Explain the Checkout System of Shopify Product Designer Tool

The checkout system in Shopify is a bit different from other product designer tools. PrintXpand provides a live pricing system in its premium package for each of its product designer tools, be it on Magento or woocommerce or Opencart. But, alas! Shopify doesn’t allow a detailed live pricing(live pricing article link). In shopify at the time of the checkout, if the customer has opted for a personalized product, they will be able to see two products in their checkout list. One product listed will be the Product itself and one will be the custom design of the product.

  • Once your customers have designed products from the ‘Product Designer Tool’ page, and have added product(s) to the cart.
  • Now, on the cart page, your customer will be able to view two products i.e. Main Product and Custom Designed Product (which will work as an ‘Add on’ Product).

Note: If the Designing Price is not applicable or somehow 0, then the customer will only find the Main Product with a designed image along with the selected attributes.

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