Can I delete any GLB file of the product? How?

The GLB file is particularly used for 3D products. In this article, you will get to know if you can delete any GLB file of the product and if you can, how to do it. 

Login to Backend                         

Navigate to the Product Configurator ➤ Configuration Setting and you will land on the Configuration setting page here you can see the list of 3D Products.

In the configuration setting you can see the product list with their GLB file details.

Here click on the edit button on the Action column to delete the product GLB file. By clicking on “Edit” you will redirect to the Manage Configurator page. 

In the File upload option, you can see the GLB file format click on the Delete Icon to remove the file. when you click on delete you will see the confirmation pop-up Click on “YES” to delete the object.

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