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What is a Product Template?

Product Templates are the already built templates specifically for products that require a typical format and fixed attributes. Product templates are generally used for products like calendars, photobook, visiting cards etc. In these products certain attributes like orientation, length, breadth etc. of the products have to be predefined in order to give your customers an idea about the product configurations before letting them personalize it.

Use of Product Templates.

  • For certain products, creating a product template is a must, as you need to define a template and it’s theme so that your customers can choose accordingly. 
  • For example if you’re offering the customization of calendars and you need a fixed 12 months format. Or say, if you’re providing photobooks for customization but you need to fix the dimensions and orientation of the books. How will you do it? Product Templates! 
  • This feature allows you to fix the dimensions and format as and how you want and later assign it to whichever product you want to. 
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