What is a Mobile to Print App?

Mobile to Print App(Magemob App Builder) is a native app that comes with an inbuilt designer tool to design and place orders through their mobile phones. It also comes with a dynamic layout, payment gateway support, multi-language support, order management, user profile management, voice and barcode search, and much more.

This is the quickest method to enter the M-business without more effort in the long-term app-building process. Not only is it the fastest way to launch an app it is also compatible with iOS, and Android. In short, it is a mobility solution with robust features for your users and helps them access your store and place orders with their mobiles.


  • Allows your shopper to carry your store anywhere.
  • Offers enhanced online visibility of your business and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Comes with user-friendly features and easy to manage by the shoppers.
  • Increases the number of satisfied customers as it is accessible from iPhone and Android smartphones.
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