What are configurable products?

Configurable products are the products with various configurable attributes like product color, brand, size and more. Configurable products allow customers to choose from available options while placing an order. PrintXpand provide an easy option to add and manage the configurable products for your store-front. If you’ve added a configurable product, your front-end designer page for that particular product will show all the attributes of the product and will let the customer select appropriate products from those attributes. Let’s see how the front-end designer page looks like for configurable products.

If you look at the above image, you will be able to see a tab named “product options” in the right. Here, the product has two different attributes, color and size. If you further go on click on color option you’ll be able to see the options that the products are available in. You can also see various sizes that the product is available in from the size panel. These options will only be visible in configurable products. 

To know more about how to create configurable products click here.

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