Most common Printing file problems and Solutions

There are certain printer problems faced by the owner with their printer. You do not have to visit the service center with these common printer problems. Sometimes, you can fix these common printer problems with the minimum fluster, if you have the right knowledge to deal with it. Below we have discussed some of the common problems faced by the owners while printing.

  • The printer isn’t working

Are you receiving an error message or you feel like your printing work is stuck? Well, the facile solution is to switch off the printer and restart again. It is requisite to check the printer settings before printing the documents.

Sometimes the warning regarding the issue is given by the print driver. These warnings often tell you what is the problem. If all fails then shut down the printer and restart it after some time.

  •  Poor Print Quality

Paper can create a huge impact on the quality of the print. Before printing check the settings and make sure whether the right kind paper is selected or not.

If you want to print high-quality photos, the plain paper settings will not be ample. Further, if you mix brands and types of papers within one printer tray can seed additional quality issue.

  •  Paper Jams

This problem ranks high and one of the most frequent problems faced by many people. This problem occurs due to two reasons. First is that the paper sticks into the roller while the second is that the roller of the printer draws two or more than two sheets at a single time.

This problem is likely to arise when you do not align papers in the tray properly.

If your printer draws more papers at a single time, then the problem might be with the quality of the papers. The low-quality papers are likely to stick with each other. If you are facing this issue then use better quality paper.

  •  Can’t Print from Mobile Device

Every company offers applications for wireless printing. These applications connect mobile devices to the printers. 

If you are facing a problem while printing with mobile devices, check for other apps or updates and make sure they are amicable with the print device.

  •  Printing is slow

Some printers are fast like a sports car and some printers are slow like bullock carts. What if your printer is not operating at a normal speed?

There are some reasons behind it and obviously their solutions as well. If your printer is moving slowly then switch the high-quality print settings to low quality.

Also, consider the duplex settings. In this case, the printer takes to flip each sheet of the paper over. Just uncheck this setting if your goal is speed.

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