Migration difficulties over platforms? We have made it simpler!

What is migration?

Migration is related to the process of transferring an application from one environment to another(eg- from one server to another server, or from cloud to cloud). Migration is eternally a difficult task, but luckily system integration can be managed and even automated by the third-party solution provider.

Why Migration is done?

Migration is done to enhance efficiency or bring all the applications from the legacy system to the present system.

Migration challenges over different e-commerce platforms

Customer’s Data

Data migration is a challenging task as you want your customers to experience untempered to a new platform. The logging in process on the new website might be easy or sometimes new credentials to be set up by your customer. You make sure that the entire process must be trouble-free. 

Categories and Products

The category and attributes of the product must be migrated to the new platform with high-quality images and inventory

Sales History

Sales history gives you an outline regarding the performance of the store over a period of time. So migrating sales history is important or else it will panic the store owners if it is missing in the dashboard. 

CMS page

If the store owner share the blog or informative content on its old website, migration of these is pages is necessary to a new platform as they attract the organic traffic and SEO rankings

Third-Party Integrations

While migrating your e-commerce store from old to a new one, third party software like CRM, email services, ERP software, or other accounting software will act as a helping hand for running things smoothly.

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