How to make all the configurable products visible in my store front

When you make a configurable product, all the products with individual attributes will be listed in your product list. According to default settings these products, however, will not be visible on your store-front separately. In the below image, here, in the visibility section you can see that only the parent product is visible on the catalog and search option. Whereas, the other child products will say “not visible individually” in the action’s section.

You can make them visible on your storefront-separately, and change this status from “not visible individually” to “catalog, search”. All you need to do is click “Edit” on the products you want to make visible individually. You’ll be redirected to the product information page. 

Find the visibility field on the product information page and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. And your product will be visible on your store-front individually.

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