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How to create a Photo Album product? – Step by step guide.

Before you get started, please read the following notes.

Note1: It is mandatory to configure Photo Album Layouts, Design Templates and Album’s width from the “Product Designer” option to successfully implement photobook products on your store.

Click here, if you haven’t added the above mentioned mandatory configuration yet.

Note2: It is also important and mandatory to create blank products before beginning to add new photo-album products.

Click here, to find out how to add blank products.

Creating a Photo Album Product:

  • After adding Photobook Layouts and Design Ideas navigate to Catalog -> Products -> ‘Product detail’ page to configure the details as per product level. 
  • By scrolling down, you will get the option as a Product Designer Photobook.
  • You need to configure the following options for Photobook:

Product Type: Select a Product Type. For example, Photobooks or Calendar.

Product Orientation: Select an orientation for Product either Landscape or Portrait.

Book Page count: Here need to add page count that display number of pages for photobook on the frontend

Add New Slide: Allow to add more slides in Photobook.

Allow add page limit: Insert the maximum page limit to insert in Photobook.

Select Layouts: Select Photobook Layouts that will display on the frontend under Layout option. Here, you will get the list of layout according to the Product Orientation option.

Design Ideas Templates: Select Design Ideas Templates that will be displayed on the frontend under the Design Ideas option. Here you will get the list of Design Ideas Templates according to the Product Orientation option.

Output Type: Select Photobook Type either Coffee or Layflat. You will get the view of Photobook and options as per configuration here.

Frontend View

In the front-end, on the designer tool customers can find the layouts and design option in the designer options (left panel). 

Your customer can add the images, snaps to design the Album by inserting clip art, images, and text caption by applying font effects. 

Layouts : Under the “Layouts”, your customers will get the grid view of the Layouts which are selected under the Product Designer Photobook option in the product details page from the backend. 

Design Ideas : Under the “Design Ideas”, your customers will get the predesigned ideas for Photobook. Design Ideas are similar to Layouts but the Background image selection is additionally added.

Product Designer Options: Your customer will get the changes in attachment Slider including Photobook pages on the left side of the designer area. Your customer can design the Photobook by dragging the uploaded images, adding the Clip art and the Text captions with Font effects on the pages. Customers can also add the new page in the slide with the help of “Add New Slide buttons”. Here new page design contains the only layout of the selected page.

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