How to configure clipart features in my store

Our PrintXpand tool comes with the preloaded clipart gallery which is uniquely designed for your customers. Your shoppers can add these unique cliparts for giving an alluring to a product. 

Clipart configurations 

For configuring the clipart features to your store go to Stores ➤ Configuration ➤ Product Designer Settings ➤ Clipart.

This is the Store configuration page, any configuration done on this page will be reflected on the front end.

From here you can configure the clipart feature for your store

Follow the below steps:

Enable Clipart Limit: Select “Yes” to set maximum clipart allowed in a single design area.

Select Default Clipart Category: Select a default category for the clipart this will be shown when the customer clicks on the clipart tab.

Clipart Limit: Enter a limit so that users can not add more clipart in a single design area than the set limit.

Error Message:  Type the Error Message which will be displayed when the customer exceeds the limit.

Click on the “Save Config” button for saving your store configurations.

You can also opt not to offer clipart features for the particular product from Catalog  ➤ Products. 

select the product to be configured and click the “Edit” button.

Now scroll down to Product designer ➤ Manage Tabs.

Here, you have to select the tabs to be shown on the front end except for clipart by just drag and drop.

For saving this configuration click on the “Save” button.

In this image, you can see only the selected items are available on the left-hand side for customization. 

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