How to assign tags to clipart

To assign tags to clipart, Go to Product Designer ➤ Manage Clipart Categories. The list of Clipart categories will be open up.

If you haven’t created a clipart category then follow these steps before assigning the tags. 

If you have created the clipart category then follow the below instructions.

After uploading the image of the clipart here are the steps to follow.

Label & Tags: Enter “Label & Tags” for clipart for easy search.

Position: Enter the No. of position for this clipart image to be displayed on the front end.

Price: Enter the Price you would like to charge to your customer whenever this clipart is used by your shopper on a product.

Exclude: Tick this option if you do not want to display this clipart on the front end rather than deleting it.

Remove: Tick this option if you want permanently remove this clipart.

After entering all the details click on the “Save Clipart Category” button and it will be saved in your clipart category.

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