How to Assign a Product Template to any product

PrintXpand’ Product templates are exclusively used for products like calendar, visiting cards, etc. You can assign the created product templates to the products of your choice. However, before assigning it to products it is important to make sure that you’ve correctly created these templates. Visit here to find out how to add new product templates, correctly.

Let’s say you’ve created a product named “Aesthetics calendar” and now you want to assign a template to it. Go to Catalog ➤ Products ➤ Select “Aesthetics calendar” from the list, and click edit.

  • Navigate to the “Product designer” section.
  • In the “Product type” field select calendar.
  • Click on “save and edit” from the upper right save button option.
  • Now, go to the “Images and video” section and open the uploaded image.
  • Open image configuration and add image sides.
  • Here under the “Product Template” field dropdown you’ll find a list of all the templates that you’ve created. 
  • Select the template that you want to assign to this product and save these configurations.

You can also assign multiple templates to one product in order to provide a wide range of template designs to your customers. Visit here to find out how to assign multiple templates to one product.

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